Common decency has you believe that I should use this “first post” in order to welcome people to my blog and, potentially, give you reasons to keep coming back. A tough job when clearly I am not at all impartial in matters pertaining to this blog; I want you to read it whether it is any good or not.

Therefore I have decided that, if this blog ever does get anything even remotely resembling followers, it shall be all the more sweeter if I lay my cards on the table straight away and let everyone know why they shouldn’t read my blog. The first ones that come to mind are listed below:

  • Everything I find interesting is boring to everyone else.
  • I am annoyingly precocious, pedantic, hypocritical, and prone to random changes of heart without warning.
  • I will be writing about Flash development, Game Design, Psychology, and anything else that I think is interesting (see first point)
  • I feel it is appropriate to use bullet points in a blog post.
There. Anyone who remains on this page, still reading this drivel is committed; you have to keep reading because if you were to stop you would have wasted your time thus far. If you want to continue not wasting your time click the little RSS feed button and I will nobly endeavour to ensure your time is well spent.
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