Talentless and Lazy.

Welcome one and all to another mildly disappointing edition of:


This post has a short preface, just as a precautionary measure, to ensure that you’re prepared for the first paragraph. I am well aware that it may sound a little (extremely) arrogant, but I ask that you continue reading; eventually you’ll get to the really good self-deprecating parts.

Over the last number of years I have become painfully aware that, although I’ve spent many years being told by teachers and parents that I have a propensity for drawing and artwork, I am woefully unskilled in it’s implementation.

I have, therefore, decided that if I am to be a successful designer of games, then I should know how to hold a pencil in such a way that the pictures that come out don’t make children cry (or laugh, not sure which is worse).

My real problem is, I think, I spent too much time listening to people telling me that I could draw really well, and not enough time actually drawing. Apparently (at least according to the internet) one needs to practice skills in order to improve them beyond their current level. This is, unfortunately something  that I have neglected to do.

This is the latest in a long line of things I’m coming to realise I am rubbish at and need to fix. The use of the word “talented” by other people in describing my actions has deeply marred my actual level of skill in a multitude of areas; art, computer usage, 3D modelling, writing, foreplay, etc.

I very much doubt I would have ever grasped the concept that somehow I wasn’t as good as I thought I was if it wasn’t for a hate-filled, disenfranchised teacher exclaiming that I was “lazy and useless”. Those words, coming from a person I had no respect for shouldn’t really have had any affect on me; it would be like Mugabe telling me that I should be more open to competition. However, affect me they did.

So; as part of my attempt to learn how to draw I shall be attempting to post up one picture every few days (one a week at minimum). Most of them will likely be of my hand until I can draw one that doesn’t look like a car crashing into a sausage factory.

Without further distraction I present to you the abomination that is this weeks drawing.

Rubbish picture drawn with stylus on an iPad
An aesthetic study of my mangled, disgusting, grey hand.
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